Expats of Brussels – #2


Laura (22), from France, in Brussels since 2019

“A few years ago, I worked as a flight attendant with Air France. It made me fall in love with aviation and set out the path for my future. After an internship at EUROCONTROL in Zaventem, I’m now finishing my master studies in Political Sciences and International Relations at the ULB. The topic of my thesis: the role played by airline pilots in developing safety measures according to the EASA norms.

I moved to Brussels because education is much more accessible and affordable over here. As an added bonus, the European Institutions make Brussels the place to be for my field of study. I don’t know what the future brings after I graduate, but one thing’s for sure: I’m staying here. Brussels is human and affordable, while being attractive to gain professional experience. People here are much kinder and more open-minded than the French. The only thing that is hard for someone coming from the south of France is the weather – I miss the sunny climate.”


“The equal access to education amazes me. You can choose whichever field interests you and there is no limitation on the number of students outside of the medical field. Of course you have to work hard to succeed, but enrolling is easy and affordable. In France, you need a head start by having graduated from the right high school. Many schools and universities are privately run and extremely expensive, with fierce competition for the few available spots. 

I love city centers and found a place to live next to De Brouckère. With the ease of public transport, it doesn’t feel too far from my campus. What I like most about Brussels? The peculiar mix of nationalities – wherever you go, you are in the company of the world.”

Pictured Laura
Photographer Cem Ali Bas
Location La Brouette


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